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For Our Overlay Cover Panels Purchased in Wood - We Use A Grade 4mm MDF Plywood. In order to paint these to a high finish it is highly reccomended to use a primer prior to painting or using paint that already includes a primer. 

Everyone has there own method of painting mdf. This is our preferred method however your welcome to use any other method you prefer or may already be used to.

We reccomend using a primer and then lightly sanding with extremely fine sandpaper and then coating again with primer if you wanted to ge the smoothest finish possible.

After This You should be okay to paint over. We Do Reccomend using furniture paint on the wooden panels. Though other paint may be suitable. If Your using self priming & finishing furniture paint such as chalkboard paint by rustoleum (We use this ourselves) we do reccomend that after a couple of coats you should sand the panel down again using fine grit sandpaper to smooth the top layer as this may be required due to the varying paint rollers people use allowing you to be left with a more smoother and professional finish.

Our Overlay Cover Panels can be purchased without the pre-applied self adhesive tape backing for projects such as applying to painted walls and other non smooth surfaces to allow you apply your own glue such as gorilla glue etc to mount as our adhesive backing is mainly for smooth metal, wood & Plastic surfaces & NOT PAINTED INTERIOR WALLS Please Leave a note on checkout for this or contact us before purchasing so we can be sure that your order is made without the adhesive backing on your panels.